8 benefits of ice baths and cold tubs: polar dip after training (2023)

There's a reason the ice bath, also called cold water immersion or cold hydrotherapy, has been popular lately – it has many benefits. Athletes take cool showers to soothe tired muscles from strenuous exercise. Many gyms have installed cold tubs and even cryotherapy chambers for their athletes.

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The growing popularity has piqued the interest of many and people are starting to take their own ice baths at home, and you can too, but taking a dip in cold Arctic water might not seem like the most relaxing experience - but an ice bath does. it may be worth it for the health benefits.

Believe it or not, there are great benefits to soaking in cold water! We have compiled 8 ice bath benefits for you to read below:

1. Relieves muscle pain

After an intense workout, plunging into an ice bath just makes the body feel good. Cold water constricts blood vessels, which slows blood flow and relieves some of the swelling and soreness you feel in your muscles after an intense workout.

Again, though, make sure you're only reducing post-workout soreness, not the actual soreness. If you have to overcome pain during exercise, there may be an underlying injury. Do not mask this pain with cold, as you can delay proper treatment.

2. Improve training recovery

Post-exercise immersion in an ice bath at 12-15Β°C appears to be common practice among many elite athletes. This is believed to be a practice that would reduce muscle soreness and soreness after training and matches. Some athletes prefer to use contrast water therapy, i.e. alternating immersion in cold and hot water. Many use ice bath immersion for a period of 5 to 10 minutes (up to 20 minutes are sometimes reported) or treatment alternating between ice bath immersion and warm water immersion, each lasting 1 to 5 minutes.

3. Reduce stress

Immersion in cold water causes physical and mental stress on the body. Many studies have identified the link between cold water and stress reduction. Studies have shown that athletes who anticipate cold water therapy are calmer and more relaxed.

4. Increase traffic

The cold water treatment cleans the veins, arteries and capillaries. It forces blood to the surface and helps warm the extremities. Repeated exposure adapts us to the cold.

5. Support a healthy immune system

The effects of cold water on the immune system have been extensively studied. Cold water helps to increase the number of white blood cells because the body is forced to react to changing conditions. Over time, your body gets better at activating its defenses.

6. Burns calories

The heart has to pump faster in cold water and the body has to work harder to keep everything warm while you're soaking in a cold tub. Overall, much more calories are burned during cold water therapy than under warmer conditions, e.g. hydromassage treatment. The idea that drinking cold water increases the number of calories burned may be a myth, but it is a fact that cold water lowers body temperature so much that the body has to act.

7. Increase your libido

Traditionally, cold water was thought to suppress sexual urges. The fact is that it increases libido! A dip in cold water increases estrogen and testosterone production, boosting fertility and libido. The benefits of increased libido include more confidence, higher self-esteem and improved mood.

8. Reduces the effect of heat and humidity

Taking an ice bath can reduce the effect of heat and humidity. An ice bath before a long run in conditions where there is an increase in temperature or humidity can lower the body's core temperature by a few degrees, which can lead to improved performance.

Who shouldn't take ice baths?

Before trying an ice bath, it's important to know if it's safe for you. Consult your doctor beforehand, as ice baths can have negative and potentially dangerous effects in people who have certain medical conditions:

  • Heart disease.

  • High pressure.

  • Diabetes.

  • Peripheral neuropathy.

  • Bad traffic.

  • It is poisonous.

  • Cold agglutinin disease.

Your doctor can also help you assess whether you have an underlying condition. While ice baths can ease your pain, they're not the right choice if you're dealing with something more urgent, like a fracture, torn tendon or ligament, or other injury.


Training and competition create overload to stress the body, which in turn causes fatigue that is later followed by better performance. What athletes do after exercise and their training regimen can affect muscle recovery. A post-exercise routine can affect both fitness and athletic performance. Therefore, it is important to have a post-exercise recovery plan in place. Some recommendations include:

  • Adequate rest to allow for physical recovery

  • Gentle stretches that help muscles recover faster

  • A necessary period of relaxation versus immediate and abrupt termination

  • A proper and balanced diet

  • Proper fluid replacement

  • proper massage

This list is sometimes followed by alternating hot and cold baths or showers and a tonic water treatment. As evidence is still lacking on these treatments, more research will be needed to investigate the different proportions of hot and cold weather, the appropriate mode of contrast therapy, and the duration and optimal temperature of the water should be examined to closely verify its effectiveness as a way of recovery. A holistic approach to recovery will produce a better response than a single recovery technique.

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