Double Glazing and Window Replacement Costs: 2021 Price Guide (2023)

The end result:

uPVC is the cheapest option when replacing any window, followed by aluminum, which typically costs 20-30% more, with wooden frames being the most expensive option.

While wooden frames can add significant value to a property, they require maintenance, whereas aluminum and uPVC framed windows require much less.

Triple glazing is around 30% more expensive than double glazing, but it does provide that extra level of thermal performance, meaning the savings will pay off over time.

The more windows and doors you order from a company, the greater the chance of a discount. Therefore, it can be more expensive to replace individual windows than all of them together.

Average values ​​for a window (600*900mm) size:

  • UPVC – 300-400£
  • Aluminum – £500-£700
  • Wood/Wood – £650-£950

Average cost to replace windows

Prices for a complete property and per window

The cost to completely replace the windows and doors of course depends on how much you have, but a good starting guide based on the average of 3 twin beds is between £2500-£7500.

The lower limit of this estimate is if you have reasonably standard windows and the upper limit is if you are replacing French doors and/or any sash windows.

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The average replacement cost for a standard size window is £300-400. Doors cost of course a little more, around £500-£700. This is for individual doors, like a standard tailgate. All prices quoted in this description are for uPVC windows.

bay windows

Bay windows are fantastic for bringing lots of light into the room, optimizing the space and creating great curb appeal.

How much does it cost to install a bay window?

See uPVC casement window estimates below for each size [fitting inc]:

£1,200 / £1,400 - 2.4m * 1.2m - 3-section bay window

£1,800 / £2,000 - 3cm * 1.2cm - 4-pane bay window

£2,200 / £2,800 – 3.6m * 1.2m – Window 5 Bay Section

sash windows

Casement windows are the style most commonly found in Georgian and Victorian homes. They are usually constructed with wooden frames to match the property, but can be made from composite or uPVC.

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They give the property an elegant appearance and enhance period features. They are usually quite large windows that open vertically or horizontally, allowing maximum light to enter the room. Great then for a bedroom, office or any residential space.

The cost to replace the Sash window is estimated below:

A 1m*1m sash window costs £650-£750

glass panels

Double Glazing vs. triples

Double glazing is now standard with most new window manufacturers being known as “double glazing”.

However, for extra warmth in winter, don't rule out triple glazing. Although they are usually around 25-30% more expensive than double glazing, these costs can be offset very quickly by energy savings and will certainly prepare your home for the future. It's definitely something to consider.

After deciding between double or triple glazing, the next option is glass panes. You can have clear windows as standard and the ideal choice for bathrooms and side windows of any property is frosted glass for added privacy.

I am driving

So the other options you have are leaded windows. Usually you only see them on the front windows of houses and not always on the back ones because of the cost. It gives a Georgian feel to the property and can enhance the attractiveness of your property.

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stained glass

Last but not least is stained glass, which has become wildly popular again, offering a special way to make your windows and home truly unique. They offer all the same features as the other styles, but will flood your home with beautiful color as the sun shines through them. Opaque stained glass makes excellent bathroom windows to create privacy and ambiance.

Did you know that… you can create your own stained glass effect on regular windows using a film stick? It's economical and if you decide you don't like it later, just take it out.

Price differences of UPVC, aluminum and wood

uPVC or PVCu is the same thing spelled differently. Or to give him your full name ''Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride', so don't let any company tell you otherwise or try to trick you with industry jargon.

uPVC is ideal for window frames as it is ribbed, resistant to any corrosion and does not rot.

This is the cheapest option when considering new windows and doors and can be done in a variety of colors to suit every home.


Another option is aluminum, it is lighter, stronger and lasts much longer than wood, requiring little or no maintenance. Window frames are also thinner, take up less space and, compared directly to uPVC, are more thermally efficient. Just like uPVC aluminum windows can be made in a variety of colors to match the look of your home.


While they are the more expensive option and may require maintenance in the form of painting or preserving the wood, wood framing is a great option in homes with a lot of character or period. They have a timeless classic look and are considered by most to be an investment in their property. Adding wood-framed windows can dramatically improve the value of any home.

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Where to get window replacement quotes?

Whatever you do, the standard rule of thumb is to get three quotes before starting any work. These must be written offers from companies or individuals.

One or two of these offers may come from large national companies such as Everest or Safestyle and the remaining offers may come from a local company. This will give you the best price range and help you make this important decision.

Although sites like 'checkatrade' have made it easier to find reliable window builders and installers, it's still a nuisance. Take some of that hassle out of getting a quote for new windows and doors by going online and getting multiple quotes at once. This saves you a lot of time as you don't have to sit at home waiting for someone to come to you whenever you want a quote.

Doing this online means you have a lot of offers to choose from and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Frequently asked questions about window replacement costs

How can I find a windows installer near me?

If you decide to accept a builder's quote for windows and doors only, excluding hardware, you'll need to find someone to install everything yourself. Often the window manufacturer can recommend individuals or companies, so be sure to ask.

Again, getting quotes for installation is just as important as getting quotes for the windows themselves.

Use Google and check reviews for Windows installers.

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Should I replace all windows at once?

Most people replace all the windows at once if they are all the same age, for added longevity but also to complete the look of the property. A mismatched window can spoil the whole effect.

However, you may decide to replace the front and rear separately. The upside to this is that it splits the cost, but the downside is that they might not look exactly the same.

Also remember that most companies offer discounts for the more windows you order. Therefore, it is usually always cheaper to replace all possible windows and doors at once rather than a few at a time.

in short

  • Get 2-4 written quotes
  • Colored frames absorb more heat and therefore can degrade faster
  • Please specify if VAT is included in any of the prices
  • Does the price include the removal and disposal of your old windows?


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