How to wash a mattress protector: A 5-step guide to a sparkling clean night's sleep (2023)

How to wash a mattress protector: A 5-step guide to a sparkling clean night's sleep (1)

If you don't know how to wash a mattress protector, don't sleep on it. Whether your bed looks clean or shows tangible signs that it needs a little maintenance, the removable item that rests on your mattress should be disinfected from time to time.

You shouldn't just look for obvious marks and stains to start cleaning. Odors often indicate the presence of bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs and other nasty things, and of course some of these things are invisible to the naked eye...

And while some ofbest mattress protectorson the market claim to offer some protection from pests and skin irritations, your topper will occasionally need to be sanitized as a preventative measure to keep mold and other organic matter from thriving.

How to wash a mattress protector

The good news is that you don't have to send your mattress protector to a specialized service or spend money on expensive equipment. Everything you need is yourswashing machineand some household items you probably already have on hand.

Whatever your reasonneed a mattress protectorwhether you relieve the symptoms of an allergy, increase the longevity of yourbest mattress, or... if you're a bit clumsy eating or drinking in bed... you should be able to get good results.

You may need

1 SameVacuum cleanerwith brush attachmenthand vacuum cleaner
2. A little
laundry detergent
3. A soft cleaning cloth:
get one from amazon
4. Your
washing machine

Before closing yourCameraAccessories in your washing machine, check for damage.With your washing machineCleaning the cover without looking first can damage the item and even damage the device.

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"Before you finally put the mattress protector in the wash, you should check it for damage such as holes, wear and tear or tears. If these holes are not repaired, they can fill your washing machine with lint and even empty mattress pads,” warns Eric Jones, CEO,Haute couture sweets

1. Remove dirt and debris

We spoke to Martin Seeley, startup enthusiast, entrepreneur, CEO and founder ofmattress the next dayNotes like “First you need to remove any material that may be on top of the mattress protector. This includes sheets, blankets, pillows and anything else that may be on the surface.'

Next 'You can use aVacuumclean with a brush to gently remove any dirt or debris that may be on the surface.' Think pet hair, dust, dirt from dirty feet and everything in between.

2. Clean and pre-treated stains

Next, you should do some pre-treatment beforehand. Adds Seeley: “Once you've vacuumed the surface, you can start cleaning the areas that seem particularly dirty. You can use a mild detergent and a soft cloth for this.'

"If there are any tough stains, it's best to treat them before you throw the mattress protector in the washing machine," explains Alex Savy, certified sleep science trainer and founder

'If you areRemove blood from bedding, the stain must be pre-soaked in cold water with a little salt. when dealing withurine stains, it is better to soak the mattress protector in a mixture of warm water,detergentand half a tablespoonammonia solution.'

Tony Klespis, also a certified sleep science trainer and publisher of sleep accessories at Mattress Clarity, says you can also “use an equal parts mixhydrogen peroxide, detergent and water in aspray bottle. Simply spray onto the mattress protector and wipe to remove stains.'

3. Eliminate stubborn odors with baking soda

If your mattress protector is particularly stinky, try adding a step of baking soda, as recommended by Klespis. "You can use itcleaning baking sodaYour mattress protector and get rid of those annoying odors!'' The best way to do this is by misting and misting with water and letting it sit for a while before the main wash.

4. Hand wash or machine wash (with proper setting)

Just like you would check the tags on your clothesto make the laundry, you must also exercise due care when washing a mattress protector.

Seeley continues: “Once you're done spot cleaning, you can toss the mattress protector in the washing machine. Be sure to use a gentle cycle and mild detergent.'

We spoke to Larry Snider, Vice President of Operations forApartments in Casagowho says: pay attention to the label when cleaning your mattress protector. Depending on the brand and type, there are different care instructions that you should follow to maintain the quality of the mattress protector. The label tells you what water temperature you should use, what drying cycle works best, and if any special washing practices are recommended.

Amar Vig, Managing Director,London-fsadds, "A true mattress protector, unlike mattress protectors, is machine washable." These accessories range from fabrics that function as sheets to others that protect against itmitesand liquids.'

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Mattress protectors should be washed in warm water with alaundry detergentin a smooth cycle. We want to remind you of the dangers of bleach, laundry and hot water. Rinse after washing. Soap and suds can promote mold and mildew on mattress pads. Dry the material thoroughly before use to avoid mold growth.'

Brad Hall, co-founder and CEO ofEmONC sleepreally recommends a cold water cycle. 'You want to take good care of your mattress protector because of the important job it does... Hand wash your mattress protector in cold water.'

5. Let it dry completely

Regardless of how you wash your pad, our experts recommend making sure it is completely dry before you put it back to bed. Hall says after washing, "Let it dry completely before placing it back on the mattress to prevent bacteria build-up." It's important to avoid the dryer because the heat not only shrinks the mattress protector, but also attacks the moisture-wicking elements that keep the mattress clean and dry,” he adds.

Geoff McKinnen, a certified sleep coach inAmerischlafhas a different view of the drying process. He says: “You can put your mattress protector in the dryer or dry it in the sun or on aFan. If you wish to tumble dry, do so with similar fabrics, but be sure to use a low heat and low heat setting. Once the topper is completely dry it is ready to use. NOFerroof your mattress protector as excessive heat will damage the waterproof lining.'

How often should you clean a mattress protector?

"You should make sure you wash your mattress protector once a month," says Grace Baena, interior designer and chief brand officer atKaiyo

"If you have allergies, you should increase the frequency to about every two weeks." Because the mattress pad is covered by the bottom sheet, it doesn't need to be washed as often as the sheets—but it should still be washed regularly."

And of course if you want to stay with friends and family in oneGuest room, it is important that you clean the mattress protector on both sides of your stay. The same applies if you are ill for obvious reasons, such as a cold or flu.

“Always wash the mattress protector before and after guests visit. If the mattress protector is not used regularly, it does not need to be washed as often as the other mattress protectors. However, you should clean it every two to three months to avoid dust build-up.' explains McKinnen.

What not to do when cleaning a mattress protector

As well as avoiding harsh cleaning products like bleach and chlorine, your mattress protector should also not be exposed to extreme heat as it can shrink and destroy the special textile material that the protectors are made of (especiallyWaterproof mattress protector), work the way they do.

"We don't recommend dry cleaning mattress pads because the heat can damage the waterproof material," says McKinnen.

How to wash a mattress protector: A 5-step guide to a sparkling clean night's sleep (2)

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Martin Seeley

CEO and Founder of Mattress Next Day

With over three decades of industry experience, Seeley's goal is to save you money and sleep happy - the next day. MattressNextDay has a range of products from well-known brands such assilent Night,sleeper, and many more, with a proven track record of quality products and customer service.

How to wash a mattress protector: A 5-step guide to a sparkling clean night's sleep (3)

Alex Savy

Founder and certified Sleep Science Coach at Sleeping Ocean

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After writing over 100 articles about sleep and sleep-related products, Alex Savy loves to dig deeper and find out what can help people get a good night's sleep. He has reviewed more than 20 products, including mattresses, toppers, pillows, and sheets, and makes video mattress reviews on YouTube to share key specs with his audience.

How to wash a mattress protector: A 5-step guide to a sparkling clean night's sleep (4)

Brad Hall

Co-founder and CEO of SONU Sleep

Brad received his medical training early by working as a pharmacist. In 2013 he took over the management of the company until he co-founded SONU Sleep in 2019.

Geoff McKinnen

Certified Sleep Coach, Amerisleep

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Geoff McKinnen is an author who focuses primarily on the healthcare industry and has written articles on everything from foods that help you lose weight to the link between Alzheimer's and sleep. He is passionate about helping readers improve their well-being to live happier lives.

If removing the protector reveals a stain on your bed, we also have a complete guide to cleaning a mattress. OurStain removerMethods include commercialcleaning supplies,Eco Deliveries, and natural treatments are in your pantry.


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