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Casement windows are a defining pillar of 17th-century English architecture. These types of windows refer to windows with two sashes that slide vertically. This allows more air to flow in and out of your home. If you have one at home, you need to take good care of it. But even with a careful eye, sometimes sash windows need a little updating.

How much does it cost to renovate a sash window? Depending on the size and type of your window, the average cost of a sash window repair ranges from £80 to £488. There are still factors that will affect the total price, such as labour, area and the type of window you have. It's even bettercontact your sash window repair specialistto obtain an accurate quote for the services to be provided.

Prices for glass repair and other services

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So how much exactly does it cost to fix casement windows? The cost to fix broken window sash cords can vary. From something as trivial as replacing a window sill to as important as replacing the entire window, problem areas need to be assessed before taking direct action.

Here are just five of the most common types of repairs and their costs. Please note that these prices are industry figures only and may change depending on a number of factors. It's even better to talk to your expert for a quote to find out exactly how much it costs to repair your window frame and set the right budget.

sill assembly

Sometimes sills don't need to be replaced entirely. There are only a few parts that need replacing. That said, you can choose a connection for the windowsill. This process involves mending some areas of the window sill for replacement and new parts replacing the old ones.

Window sill replacement

Although experts have stated that the lifespan of a window sill is ten years, window sills can take all kinds of damage. This is because they are the outer parts of a window and are the most exposed to the forces of nature. This exposure leads to excessive condensation, one of the most common window problems. Other causes of replacement include poor installation of windows in a building or frames.

sheet replacement

If your frames are still in good working order, why not consider simply replacing the wood panels? It can provide a lot of energy efficiency without pulling the entire unit.

Waterproofing of drafts

One of the main functions of your window is to insulate your home. But when your space gets scarier than usual, it's time to use this process. During this type of repair, it seals cracks (or drafts) and crevices where cold air can pass through. Examples of sealants are rubber, brush and foam. Although the type of sealant depends on priority, experts recommend rubber as the best.

sash window restoration

Renovation is key if you don't like throwing away a piece of history. Rather than replacing your old window with a different design, sash window restoration involves restoring the piece to its former glory.

Specialists can do this for you, where they can obtain and recreate the window as it once was. Experts also suggest that refurbishing your window is more cost-effective than replacing it entirely. Not only do you save money, but you can also enjoy the beauty of your original window.

Common casement window repair costs

repair type

average cost

sill assembly

120£ - 180£

Window sill replacement

160 - 320£

sheet replacement

270 - 400£

Waterproofing of drafts

248 £ - 388 £

sash window restoration

620 - 920£

Although you have the option of repairing windows, there comes a time when you need to replace it. These reasons include:

Although you have the option of repairing windows, there comes a time when you need to replace it. These reasons include:

  • Excessive noise pollution. In addition to losing heat in your home, the loss of insulation in your window also means you'll have more access to noise from the outside world. Insulation can also provide noise-canceling benefits that are lost on dilapidated or low-quality windows.
  • Wear. We are not talking about small cracks and fissures. This factor indicates significant wear. Damaged windows can cause serious injuries, especially if the sheets can no longer hold the window. If that happens, it could accidentally close and hurt your hands.
  • Incorrect functions. Leaving only defective windows is not good in the long run. Some parts inside the window need your attention and the longer you take it, the more you can cause unnecessary damage. Whether the windows are stuck, locked or closing by themselves, they will need expert help here.

Sash window replacement

The average cost to replace a casement window is around £1,300. But several factors make the final total cost variable. It is bettercheck with a window replacement specialistfor a correct and accurate cost.

sash window type

average cost

pvc windows

700£ - 1.100£


1.250 £ - 2.050 £

1000 cm x 50 cm

1.400 - 1.900 £

What are the signs that you need to fix your window?

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Before subjecting your windows to any type of repair, you need to measure the type of damage to your window. Casement windows are usually made from wood materials, so they are easy candidates for wear and tear. On the other hand, the main material used in the manufacture of windows is wood. But beyond that, here are five common telltale signs that your sash window might be ready for repair.

The windows are painted closed

A bad paint job could be to blame for this. When windows are painted this way, the paint will get between the sash and frame. This would actually make the window impossible to open. While common belief holds that this will prevent rotting, it has the opposite effect. It will also make the windowless system secure in the long run. If this happens, you can replace your leaf window with a new one.

Rotten wood

By itself, wood lasts about 15 to 25 years. Depending on the type of wood, it can last for over 25 years. The casement windows have a useful life of 72 years due to their material. But these openings can be enlarged or shortened depending on how you care for them.

Rot is a result of exposure to certain elements. In addition to age, rot itself is a fungus that corrodes wood over time. But it is an inevitable process. When you get to that, it's time to replace your window. But if your moldings are still adequate, you can simply replace the wooden slats and embed them.

paint spends

While this is more of an aesthetic issue, it can make your window look larger than it actually is. Worn paint is a sign of age and new paint should do the trick. But it is also better to check your window wood in advance. You can do this through a specialist or through the screwdriver test. Push your screwdriver into the wood. If it passes, you will need to replace the sash window as it is rotten. If not, you can simply repaint it.


Little drops on your window shouldn't be a pretty sight. Condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface. Usually common during winter, its effects result in mold and mildew on windows. These, in turn, will weaken the overall quality of your windows. If your windows have constant condensation, you need to have them evaluated to see if they should be repaired or replaced.

lower temperatures

The casement windows have the same quality as the double glazing. Both types are strong insulators, which means they can regulate indoor temperatures. Even if it's below freezing outside, you can stay warm and toasty despite it.

But when you start to feel colder indoors (colder than you normally feel), the weakening of the windows is a negative effect. If you also don't want your electric bills to go up, take this as a tip to replace them.

Now that you know how much it costs to repair casement windows, it's time to start your sash repair or replacement project. Post a job on Airtasker now and get in touch with experts in minutes!


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